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    • foreskin tightening, cracking and sores

    • depleting sex drive/painful sex

    • bouts of erectile dysfunction

    • embarrassing or failing sexual relationship

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    What are people saying about Balanitis Gone

    I think most people would purchase your plan immediately if they knew that you are a reputable source for information and that you have a solution to their problem. There is a lot of bad information out there, so it is really hard to differentiate... and I have learned more from you in the last two e-mails than I have in the past two weeks of research.

    I will be out there posting about you... Balanitis Guru. :-) …….. read more

    Brandy (Feb)


    Hi Rick!

    Everything is great, just found out that I am pregnant! My husband is doing MUCH better. It was almost completely healed, but last time we "tried" he went backwards a bit. But now he will have 9 months to complete the healing process. Thank you so much!

     Great to hear you are updating the website! You made a huge difference in our lives, and we truly believe that this is how we became pregnant. We can't thank you enough....

    Brandy – (July)


    I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect from "the process", but reading the intros was like reading the story of my life. I've been suffering balanitis for the best part of 9 years. I've gotten to a point where standard over-the-counter topical creams are hardly working………

    For little over week now, I've been following the process. Drinking lots of water, steering clear of sugar and alcohol has left me feeling more alert and on-the-ball. But the real secret is the cream….. read more

    Tom T.


    Just wanted to "Thank you" for the instructions you've mentioned in this guide,I have tried many other things from past 6 months, but I can tell you the ultimate results have come out from your guide, I was hesitating to purchase your guide since I had already spent a lot of money on this problem and PDF's online, but I am glad I brought this and it has worked for me! I want to specially thank you for finding the magic cream, I have applied it just three days and it is doing its miracle…. read more

    Hirem M.

    I don't have Balanitis, but my wife has had numerous issues with vaginal yeast infections.   Using just one of Rick's Balanitis Gone highly recommended products, for three days cleared up my symptoms, easily, quickly and painlessly.   Without out an over the counter prescription or a messy cream……. read more

    Neil T. 

    Why is this needed?

    After 8 years of trying everything the doctors suggested, wanting desperately to heal what had become not only an embarrassing physical condition, but countless days filled with emotional and physical pain. Countless trips to different doctors, submitting to endless STD testing and trying the next prescription they gave me to treat my "symptoms" of this foreskin disorder called Balanitis.

    I found the answer!

    Men aren't the only ones suffering!

    Our partners are suffering right along side of us! 

    Partners past, present and future are or will be effected in ways from this foreskin disorder that will, if not dealt with, shake a relationship apart. 

    Here is a clip from what my Ex-Wife had to say:

    Just as Richard has journeyed through this trying time of ‘what is wrong with my member?' it had been equally taxing on me and our relationship together.

    From the very start we were inseparable, we did everything together, our love was our bond that kept us together through some very taxing times (outside of the bedroom). In the bedroom we were very active and made sure cleanliness was adhered to without exception. There was never a question of infidelity on either of our parts; so therefore, there shouldn’t be a problem, RIGHT?    WRONG! ...

    To read her full story click here A Woman's View.

    I thank her so much for adding her story and sharing her feelings of going through this with me.

    You are not broken and there is something that you can do to heal your ailing penis. 

    For those in relationship, I am here to possibly heal your ailing relationship.

    An All Natural CURE!

    This treatment works directly on the area(s) that created the outward symptoms of this foreskin disorder in the first place.  It does this by re-balancing your internal systems so you no longer experience the discomforts of Balanitis.  To find out more about how it works click here to get your copy of The Balanitis Gone Process.

    My name is Richard; I am 52 years young.  I would like to share with you my story and the step by step solution that I have put together which has given back to me the pleasure of

    truly enjoying my manhood again!

    For those of you that just want to get down to healing yourself and are not interested in my personal journey to this point, I fully understand.  Click here to get your copy of The Balanitis Gone Process.

    For those of you that want to know more before you try what I recommend, read on.

    As my 49th birthday approached, I realized that I was about to begin my ninth year of:
    • searching for an answer to why penis was failing me
    • having to put up with a skin disorder that seemed untreatable.
    • more trips to the doctors for more useless testing and prescriptions
    • waning hope of finding a cure or treatment for my penis
    • more genital pain and discomfort
    • more inner foreskin tightening -  erection or not
    • depleting sex drive
    • increasing bouts of erectile dysfunction
    • a failing sexual relationship
    • and worsening sleep patterns

    Coming back to the present, I found myself opening one more webpage, diligently on my quest, feeling no closer to finding my Holy Grail (the solution to my affliction), about ready to click the close button calling it a night . . .and then . . .

    I found it!... I found it!... I found it!

    There it was!  My Holy Grail!

    I felt like a child that had just uncovered the greatest treasure of all time!

    I did not fully understand what I had uncovered but I knew deep down inside that I had the answer I was looking for -

    to cure myself from Balanitis!

    Gentlemen, I have put together for you this step by step process that I continue to use today for maintaining a healthy penis free from Balanitis.  I obtained amazing results that dramatically reduced the:

    • my inner foreskin tightening
    • painful sexual intercourse / masturbation

    and completely cleared:

    • splitting / cracking because of the inner foreskin tightening
    • penis blisters
    • Inflammation of the penis glans and discoloration
    • open moist penis and foreskin sores
    • penis and foreskin itching / discomfort / rashes
    • cleared away the foreskin disorder

    The Balanitis Gone Process also without a doubt increased my:

    • self esteem
    • sex drive
    • energy levels
    • mental alertness
    • ability to completely relax into my sexual role as a man
    • and general state of well being

    and many more side benefits like reducing my belly fat, helping me sleep better, and removing my erectile dysfunction issues.  The list continues to grow as time moves on and I continue to follow the process. There was no more trips to the doctors (that weren't really helping anyways), no more testing for a  STD, no more trying to hide my penis from my partner.

    Get your updated copy of The Balanitis Gone Process



          Low Cost

                    Highly Effective

                                     All Natural

    Most everything that I used in The Balanitis Gone Process, I found at my local health food stores. There is one item I selected that turned out to be one of the most amazing creams that I have ever used on myself.  This cream can be found almost anywhere and you will be surprised too I am sure.

    This cream aided in healing the open moist sores, damaged, split and tightening of my inner foreskin.  After a week of using this cream the dead and/or infected inner foreskin began peeling away like layers of skin after a severe sunburn.  Because of this cream I can now easily pull back my foreskin

    like I am 25 again!

    Gentlemen I want to tell you about that one defining moment for me, when I fully realized that The Balanitis Gone Process that is waiting for you now, is truly the greatest gift that anyone could have given me.

    Three weeks into The Balanitis Gone Process, my wife had returned from her overseas trip. We finally were able to find sometime for our first real romantic evening together in along time. As the foreplay was building, and just as we were about to make love, I realized, with immediate tears of joy flooding into my eyes,

    I was not in pain! 

    For the first time in eight years my erection was not painful!

    I had feelings and sensations that I had not felt in a long time!

    I also realized in that moment of joy, that I would not be suffering for days afterwards from the ripping of the inner foreskin that always occurred during intercourse from the restrictions caused by my foreskin tightening around the shaft below the head. I settled in and enjoyed my manhood once again!


    For the first time in a long time
    I fully enjoyed being with my partner... Sexually!

    And yet, to think that just three short weeks before I had broken out in one of the worst bouts of foreskin splitting, penis blistering I had ever experienced.  It was at that point I had started to pull together and refine what is now The Balanitis Gone Process.

    Taking a couple of steps back in time, to when I really got serious about looking for an answer to my affliction. . .  I began to understand that Balanitis is a much larger issue worldwide than I had first thought.  Up to that point I had been looking only for myself and not seeing the bigger problems that we the sufferers of this skin disorder face on a daily basis.

    I found that neither western nor eastern medical professionals really had any idea what causes Balanitis nor what to do about it.  Even some of the prescription drugs they choose to prescribe may actually block or remove the body’s natural ability to ward off what is really causing the symptoms of this skin disorder called Balanitis.  When that takes place, the Balanitis is given the chance to gain an even stronger hold of you inner foreskin.

    In my quest for a solution to Balanitis, I discovered that in the USA alone, there "could be" (they don't even know for sure) as high as 2.5 % of the male population that are afflicted with Balanitis (of one form or another).  And in the UK it is even higher at 3% - 4% or more. That loosely translates to someplace close to

    6 million plus men in the USA alone
    20 – 25 million plus men worldwide
    . . . with most suffering in silence.

    Although the information that I have read over the last eight years has been helpful in understanding what most of the symptoms are and that it has a name, and although the amount of information available has increased over that time; until now, there has been no real hope of a remedy to heal this affliction or to reduce the symptoms of this skin disorder once it takes hold of you.

    When my Balanitis really showed its ugly head (no pun intended), I thought at first it was Cancer of the Penis Glans. That really set me back.  CANCER!  I am too young to have Cancer, I thought.  I went through all the thoughts and feelings around having Cancer and gentlemen, I can tell you, for the first time in my life I was scared.

    While going through the embarrassing process of testing for the possibility of Cancer, which was ruled out, I was told it was likely “JUST” Balanitis and to go and see this other Dermatologist.  After I did, I walked out, embarrassed and in more pain from the examination with yet another prescription for a topical steroid that did nothing to help my "Balanitis" go away.

    No doubt many of you have shared similar experiences with the medical professionals and practitioners.  Like you, I went seeking help from my local doctors, be it my family doctor, the multiple Urologists I was sent to, the Oncologist I saw, the Dermatologists and Eastern Alternative Practitioners that I visited.  Not one was able to help me.  I received lots of prescriptions that, at the end of the day, at best, gave me moments of relief but my foreskin disorder - Balanitis - did not go away.  At worst, it created a haven for my symptoms to thrive in and I suffered more.

    I am utterly amazed that so many people and professionals that have taken the time and energy to create and put information on the web about Balanitis or the numbers of professionals that are doing studies and clinical work on Balanitis (in all of its many forms), that no one has come to the same or at least similar conclusions that I have and at the very least made suggestions on treatments other than prescription, dorsal cutting, cleaning the foreskin

    or the worst of all... circumcision.

    There is so much suffering going on around this one issue alone.  I am having a difficult time understanding why so many men are suffering like I was - for no good reason at all.

    Get your updated copy of The Balanitis Gone Process



          Low Cost

                    Highly Effective

                                     All Natural

    Gentlemen it all came down to this.  That fateful night when I was reading a website that had little to do with what I was suffering with and at the bottom of the page there it was, in plain text, the answer to my Dis-Ease!.  I almost missed it.  Surprisingly, it was a woman’s health page.  There it was - the answer to eight years of pain and discomfort.

    Other web sites mentioned it, but just as quickly discounted it.  Other sites stated this answer could be a cause for some of the symptoms we suffer with.  Nowhere was there any information to help the reader possibly find some sort of relief from at least a couple of symptoms.  Understanding what I needed to do –

    My mission began.

    Refocusing my research in this new direction, I found more and more information to back up my theory.  The methods and products that I selected for The Balanitis Gone Process are completely natural.  Finding nothing that could harm me in anyway and understanding that there were so many other health benefits - even if it didn't take away my Balanitis – it was worth its weight in gold.

    It was definitely time to do
    something for myself.

    There is no big sales hype or a big BUY NOW and get a reduced price (well there is but only for a short time as I update things here).  There are no bonus gifts from other sites or anyone else trying to sell you something here.  I just want to share a simple, personally tested and proven method to help you free yourself from the discomforts and dis-ease of Balanitis - just like I did.

    Over the last eight years I have lost count of how much I have spent (time and money) in hopes of clearing up or at least finding some sort of relief from my pain and discomfort, be it short term or longer.  At this point it really didn't matter - I was looking for anything to try.

    After much prodding from my friends I have set a small fee to help cover my time, energy and costs in maintaining this website and keeping current with the process I have put together.

    Get your updated copy of The Balanitis Gone Process

    Please read the Important Information page.

    Balanitis Gone Process

    NOW ONLY - $29.95 CAD

    was $49.95 CAD

    You will receive:

    1. my complete 16 page step by step process
    2. a shopping list that you can print and take with you
    3. a recommended reading list to help enhance your overall health
    4. *new*a section on relationship issues that come because of this dis-ease
    5. a growing FAQ
    6. more to come as interest in the site grows

     I can not offer you any guarantees towards your success following The Balanitis Gone Process.  I have no control over how you choose to follow the process.  Just as you can not assure me that you will follow the process to completion.

    What I can say with complete confidence is this;

     The Balanitis Gone Process is 100% natural and is completely beneficial to any male, young or old, that is suffering from this affliction.

    At the very least this process may just uncover what is really causing the discomforts you are experiencing.

     So it is up to you, to have a healthy penis naturally, or you can continue doing what you have been doing.  Maybe one day the medical profession will get this one right and be able to offer you help from the embarrassing physical condition and endless days of emotional and physical pain that Balanitis brings to those afflicted.

     The sooner you start, the faster you will be enjoying your birthright of manhood once again.

    Personal results may vary

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    Peace begins with me

    Richard M.


    Get your updated copy of The Balanitis Gone Process

    Balanitis Gone
    Enjoy your manhood again


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