Still working on a short bio to fit in here. 
I do not find it easy to write about myself.

I have been asked by a couple of people of the three years this site has been up,

"is this just another scam site?".

Not a great question to be asked.
Leads one to think there are site out there that shouldn't be and ripping people of.

This is not one of those sites!

So it is time for me to put a face to this site (no that is no me in the picture yet)
and a bit more about the author himself.

This site comes to you from Calgary, Alberta Canada

My General Health Background:

  • Male (52 years of age)
  • Uncircumcised
  • Negative: for any and all STDs
  • No longer suffering from Balanitis - Suffered with it for the better part of 8 years
  • No allergies to latex (i.e. condoms, gloves)
  • Allergies (Cats and Penicilin)
  • No food sensitivities
  • Contraceptives:  Vasectomy 15 years ago (my partner does not use any contraceptive)
  • Stress levels: Low
  • Health: Excellent
  • No family history of eczema (dermatitis)
  • Cleaners: unscented, animal-friendly food grade soaps, Limited use bleach, Limited fabric softeners, no starches, isopropanol, hydrogen peroxide, TSP (for the tough stuff)
  • Non scented products (i.e. deodourants, shampoos, etc.)

I am a:

  • Dad to two adopted boys
  • Step Dad to two more younger boys
  • A grandfather to 15
  • Relationship coach
  • Spiritual coach
  • Shaman of sorts
  • Health & Safety Specialist
  • Speaker - presenter - teacher
  • and many other titles can be listed here.

These titles can only tell you what I have done, not who I am.
I am a man that is in service helping his fellow brothers (and sisters) any way I can.

This site is but only one example to that effort and purpose within my life.

More to come soon!

Peace begins with me

Richard M.

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