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About ordering The Balanitis Gone Process

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Once you completed the Pay Pal section for your payment, you will be redirected to a new page where you will find all you need to get underway in your healing.

There will be nothing shipped to you it is all online for you.

We will not ship any products or try and sell you anything else that you will find on page 7 of the Process. This is a one time deal. 

However there was one gentleman that sent me lots of emails with great questions and felt that he had to purchase another Process for my time in answering him, for that I thank him in honoring my work here.


It's very sad but there are people out there that have tried to be, let just say misguided in what they believe they can do and when they don't get their way, not only from me but also PayPal. They feel they have the need to threaten me with using my own material which they paid for and spread it all over the net.  The issue here was he wanted a refund within 3 days or so.  Yes this did happen.

So for a refund to happen you will have to try the process honestly for 30 days and if you don't find a marked improvement in you condition I will refund the full purchase price back to you.

I ask that you help us spread the word about this  treatment for Balanitis!  There is no need for the suffering that is happened to us or for others.  If you have been in different chat rooms or on forums that are talking about Balanitis, or other places that you have talked with others about Balanitis. Let them know that there is an answer to end their suffering. 

If you have any questions before you get your copy of the process... please email  Richard M.

Richard M. 

Free YourSelf from Balanitis

The Balanitis Gone Process
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