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Hi Rick!

Everything is great, just found out that I am pregnant! My husband is doing MUCH better. It was almost completely healed, but last time we "tried" he went backwards a bit. But now he will have 9 months to complete the healing process. Thank you so much!

 Great to hear you are updating the website! You made a huge difference in our lives, and we truly believe that this is how we became pregnant. We can't thank you enough.

Brandy - July 2011


Fantastic, thanks again for the quick response... and for the inspiration to continue to be intimate in other ways. You are absolutely right.

About your website, I have been searching for information on balantis for almost two weeks now and just came across it today. It seems that most of the information out there is on forums (there are tons of them), so I will do what I can to get it out there for you. You are such a wealth of information, you should put some of this on your website (intimacy, healing time, that it is okay to ejaculate)...

I think most people would purchase your plan immediately if they knew that you are a reputable source for information and that you have a solution to their problem. There is a lot of bad information out there, so it is really hard to differentiate... and I have learned more from you in the last two e-mails than I have in the past two weeks of research.

I will be out there posting about you... Balanitis Guru. :-)

Thanks again for everything, you truly made my day. I will be in touch.

Brandy - Feb 2011


Hi Richard,

Just wanted to "Thank you" for the instructions you've mentioned in this guide,I have tried many other things from past 6 months, but I can tell you the ultimate results have come out from your guide, I was hesitating to purchase your guide since I had already spent a lot of money on this problem and PDF's online, but I am glad I brought this and it has worked for me! I want to specially thank you for finding the magic cream, I have applied it just three days and it is doing its miracle.

All I would say is, all who are suffering from balanitis should certainly get hands on this wonderful piece of information in Richards site if you follow as mentioned it should certainly work for you. Please share my testimony with others, Thanks again Richard and good luck!

Hiren M - India -

Thank you for the letter Hiren!

Dear Richard,

I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect from "the process", but reading the intros was like reading the story of my life. I've been suffering balanitis for the best part of 9 years. I've gotten to a point where standard over-the-counter topical creams are hardly working.

For little over week now, I've been following the process. Drinking lots of water, steering clear of sugar and alcohol has left me feeling more alert and on-the-ball. But the real secret is the cream. That alone to me was worth the price of the process. It really works. It cleared up my glans and foreskin in just 3 days. Since, I'm applying olive oil after bathing and it seems to keep the foreskin smooth and supple.

The cream is amazing. In fact, even the morning after I first applied it, my penis wasn't painful to the touch anymore. It was still reddish, but not painful anymore.

I know after about 10 days it's a little too soon for total victory, but it's been months since even the symptoms cleared up. So I'm very hopeful for the future. The real test will be if I can make it through the summer, when the heat and humidity usually make things worse.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you very much for making this information available.

Thanks & Kind Regards,

Tom T - Feb 2011

There is a great personal power that comes from being able to have others read your story and be witness to your journey.

 In putting this website together, it has brought a greater meaning to why this happened to me and has helped me heal some of the emotional wounds inflicted over my 8 years of suffering.

When completing this form, please let me know if I can publish parts or all of your story on this page or if it just for me to read.

Peace begins with me

Richard M.

Neil T.

Alberta Canada
I don't have Balanitis, but my wife has had numerous issues with vaginal yeast infections.   Using just one of Rick's Balanitis Gone highly recommended products, for three days cleared up my symptoms, easily, quickly and painlessly.   Without out an over the counter prescription or a messy cream.   I just went to the health food store and bought the product...  It was that easy. It's worth the $49.95 just for this information alone...  So my recommendation is if you have Balanitis or your wife is subject to yeast infections, sign up now!


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