Balanitis is not an STD

Balanitis is the outward symptoms of an internal infection that effects the foreskin and Penile gland. This infection is caused by a type of fungus and not bacteria. When the inner foreskin stays wet, where it is warm ad dark. Debris collects including things like sweat, smegma and dead skin cells. This dark place provides an excellent place for this fungus to grow.

When this fungus spreads to your inner foreskin, Balanitis develops.  Your foreskin is a mucus membrane, meaning very thin, which in turn makes it very easy for this fungus it penetrate. Although rare, other bacteria can also cause Balanitis like symptoms or you can have a joint infection of bacteria mixed with fungus.

When the infection unless treated at the root will eeb and flow never really going away. This leave the foreskin scarred and tightened. With repeated onsets of this infections it results in more scarring, your foreskin may not be able to retract over your glans; a condition known as Phimosis.

Balanitis can not be caused by an STD, but don't put off being tested out of embarrassment.

Syphilis and herpes infections can cause your foreskin to swell and redden looking like Balanitis but again if it looks like this get tested.


Redness of your foreskin, swelling, difficulty retracting your foreskin, cracking and ripping of the inner foreskin, burning and or pain. Symptoms can be mild at first but worsen if you don't treat the under laying problem.

How does it happen?

Balanitis occurs under many situations, Most will be very quick to say it is because you don't clean your foreskin and the area under it well enough. While sweat, urine, semen, smegma from both you and your partner, a partner's saliva (you get the idea) mixed with the dead skin cells and debris under the foreskin. This provides an excellent environment for the fungus to grow. If you don't treat the infection early on, bacteria can also super-infect your foreskin.


Here are some facts to help clear up some common misunderstandings.

Typically you do not usually get Balanitis from an STD.
The most common cause is a fungal infection internal and externally.

Most all creams that a doctor would prescribe work.

No this is not the case, most if not all of these creams will weekend the immune system and make possibly things worse.

Who is at risk?

Uncircumcised men and diabetics
Diabetics have a higher rate of fungus infections and their foreskin is no exception. They need to pay particular attention to proper foreskin hygiene and their diet.

Men with HIV are at greater risk of developing fungus infections and must pay particular attention to proper foreskin hygiene


This type of fungus is always present and is health when at the right levels, but when you provide the right environment, it can begin to grow and infect the  foreskin area.  You will begin noticing a gradual worsening of the symptoms listed above.

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